Flu shots may not save you in an influenza pandemic

World health experts believe an earth-engulfing pandemic of influenza is overdue.




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Experts: Pregnant women should get a flu shot, despite miscarriage study

The CDC is doing more studies on the issue, but in the meantime its recommendation has not changed.




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Lottie Moss is a dead ringer for her sister Kate in an ivory slip dress

Kate Moss' younger sibling, Charlotte, aka “Lottie,” wore her sister's signature silhouette in Milan Thursday.




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A lenient NCAA imposes two-year probation on Rutgers

The NCAA has placed Rutgers on two-year probation and publically reprimanded and censured the Big Ten Conference university for failing to monitor its football program over a five-year period between the 2011-12 academic year and the fall of 2015




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As Obamacare repeal implodes (again), Democrats prepping for single-payer self-destruction

Much like owning your own pet tiger, government-run health care is far better in theory than in practice.




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More than a third of Americans are not satisfied with their sex life

If you think there’s something missing in your sex life, it turns out, you're not alone.




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Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah on the latest from Russia in Best of Late Night

Who's a good liar? Not Sean Spicer. The late-night comics talk Paul Manafort, Robert Mueller, Spicer and oligarchs.




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